Open Art Project

Fotografie Berlin e.V. again takes part in 48 Hours Neukölln Festival. Due to the Corona Virus, our exhibition will mainly take place digital and in public space. We would like to invite you to organize this year’s exhibition with us. Your feelings about life in Neukölln, your favorite places, thoughts about gentrification, as well as your temporary isolation we want to get to know to strengthen communital feelings. Therefore we want to create an online / offline media collage with your answers and more.

What we do

We want to draw a vignette of Neukölln’s identity, highlighting themes such as socio-cultural trends, special characteristics of the residents and their lives. You can participate in our open art project. Together we want to paint a realistic, but positive and open-minded picture of this special but underrepresented district. That means we do not censor or gloss over, but emphasize the positives.



We give you a catalogue of 6 questions to answer – from these collected audio recordings of your answers, we will create a multi-layered collage. Please record your answers on your mobile phone and send them to us with your name and postcode. We only accept audio files like * .mp3, * .wav or similar. If you don’t want your name mentioned, please tell us.


Send us your analogue or digital images from Neukölln by email – everything will then be presented in a facetted manner in our multimedia project. Images can be: a memory from Neukölln, your favourite place in Neukölln, an old photograph taken in Neukölln. There are no limits to your imagination as long as the material has been made in Neukölln. We only accept *. jpeg, *.tiff or other similar image files.


Send us a short video of your living room (without persons) filmed on your phone or other suitable devices. The video quality is less important, we want to give insights into other people’s lives and create closeness. Please send these per mail aswell as in common videoformats like *.mov, *.mp4 or similar.

here we go

1 What makes Neukölln worth living in?
2 What changes have you noticed over the years?
3 Do you think that art / culture scenes are system-relevant for the district? 
4 How did you deal with the temporary isolation due to COVID-19?
5 Which place is the most vital for you in Neukölln?
6 What are the most prominent issues of Neukölln to you?

Here you can find our little questions catalogue for you to answer. Please allow yourself some time to think and some quiet for the answers, so we get good recordings and don’t have to select or edit too strongly. We’re looking forward to your insight.

Where we present the finished work

The multimedia collage will be presented as a digital-virtual exhibition in cooperation with KUNSTMATRIX. Furthermore you have the possibility to show your images on allocated bus stops. Moreso we can present our co-artwork in shop windows on monitors or backlit projection canvas.

When the work will be shown

This year’s 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN ART FESTIVAL will be going down on 19. – 21. June all over Neukölln and invite to think, feel, and discuss. The exciting thing about this is the diversified variation of various artists and shows.

Who is preparing this project

GIRL/BOY  ist ein kreatives Duo bestehend aus Joanna & Robert, das außergewöhnliche, erfolgversprechende Projekte initiiert. In unserem kollaborativen, offenen Kunstprojekt kombinieren wir unsere Leidenschaft für Kunst und Fotografie um ein entstehendes Netzwerk aus Künstlern und Nicht-Künstlern ins digitale und physische Spotlight zu stellen. Joanna ist M.A. Film- and TV-Production, B.A. Photography, Digital Imaging Technician, Robert ist Fotografiker, Mediendesigner und B. Eng. Medientechnik.


Bleibe informiert rund um unsere Projekte und um GIRL / BOY  Magazin Vol. 01 (Summer Issue) als PDF bei Veröffentlichung kostenlos zugeschickt zu bekommen. Der Newsletter kommt vierteljährlich und kann jederzeit abbestellt werden.