GIRL/BOY is a creative and open-minded duo / couple that likes to approach promising projects out of the ordinary. In our collaborative studio, we combine design with photography, strong branding with professional video creation. All this to help you bring to light the uncompromising freshness of your brand and help to express it through bold and effective digital identity.

How? We have an expertise in a wide spectrum of design, photography, branding, filmmaking and creative direction. Communicating with honesty and forward-thinking, we can help express your brand’s individuality: starting with a perfectly prepared and executed production and ending with outstanding pop cultural content that will interest those who should be interested.

Yes, we know how to make you stand out in your niche. Just think about what your brand wants, and we will help you achieve it.

Check our catalog and see how much uncompromising ideas can do.


Am Plänterwald 2
12435 Berlin
 + 49 30 3394 80 89

+ 49 172 9620 138
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+ 49 30 3394 80 89

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